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Hillam Parish Councillors

Your councillors are elected volunteers and strive to maintain Hillam as a pleasant community to be part of.  If you have concerns, please contact the clerk in the first instance:

Clerk: Mrs J. Janik

Councillor Seph O'Connell - Chair: Hillam Parish Council

  • Staffing Committee

  • Hillam PC representative MFHCC

  • Signatory

Councillor Carly Hayburn-Hayhut

  • Staffing Committee

  • Internal Controls/Finance Scrutineer

Councillor Lucy Hutchinson-Hayhut

  • MFEF representative

Councillor Norman Tuddenham

  • Chair and PC Representative Burton Salmon, Hillam and Monk Fryston Burial Board

  • Internal controls/finance scrutineer

  • Signatory

Councillor Rhys Evans

  • Ring Tree Lights Committee Liaison

Councillor Phillip Atkinson

  • Sustainability and Biodiversity Officer

All councillors may be called upon to attend an employment issue meeting.



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