Hillam Parish Councillors

Your councillors are elected volunteers and strive to maintain Hillam as a pleasant community to be part of.  If you have concerns, please contact the clerk in the first instance:

Clerk: Mrs J. Janik




There has arisen 2 Casual Vacancies for Hillam Parish Council.


If you are interested in applying for the role please contact the clerk at the email above.


If you wish to request an election is held for each role, please contact the Returning Officer at Selby District council as instructed in the Notice of Vacancy above before 28th July.


Councillor Collinson

  • Chair and PC representative Burton salmon, Hillam and Monk Fryston Burial Board

  • Hillam PC representative and Monk Fryston PC liaison meetings

  • Lighting Sub-Committee

  • Staffing Sub-Committee

  • Signatory

Councillor Mitchell

  • Ring Tree Lights Sub-Committee

  • Planning Sub-Committee

  • Internal controls/finance scrutineer

Councillor O'Connell

  • Appointed in January 2021

Councillor Robertson

  • Representative at Monk Fryston Community Association and also Trustee

  • Staffing Committee

  • Planning Sub-Committee

Councillor Tuddenham

  • Representative Burton Salmon, Hillam and Monk Fryston Burial Board

  • Signatory

All councillors may be called upon to attend an employment issue meeting.