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This page will have information on current issues facing Hillam Village and the surrounding community.  It will also share relevant information from larger authorities such as Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council.

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Parish Councillor Elections 5th May 2022 4/5/22

To bring the election in line with the elections for the new North Yorkshire Council, Parish Councillor elections have been brought forward one year.  The number of Nominees for the Parish of Hillam was 6, this means all the nominated people will automatically be elected as Councillors - known as an 'uncontested parish'.  Had 8 people been nominated for the 7 Councillor positions available in the Parish, an election would have been called.  The elected Councillors will take office from 9th May.

North Yorkshire Council Elections 5th May 4/5/22

Electors in the village of Hillam will have had polling cards through for the upcoming election.  Vote for the councillors you wish to take office in the newly formed 'North Yorkshire Council'.  These councillors will shadow any current Councillors as the transition takes place to unify the existing Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council into the new 'North Yorkshire Council'

Betteras Hill Footbridge 16/2/22

Thank you to all the residents contacting the PC about the fact this bridge has no handrails.  The issue was reported to NYCC PROW for maintenance at the time of the damage.  NYCC visited the bridge in December and assessed the bridge as being safe to use and rather than repair the handrails, NYCC is applying for funding to completely replace the bridge (and the bridge further along towards Monk Fryston).  This process will not be quick and in the mean time, please continue as you have been doing to take extra care when crossing.


Ditches, drains and culverts 16/2/22

Please be aware that if a watercourse such as a ditch runs along your property boundary you are responsible for the maintenance.  Riparian owners must ensure the water can flow freely without obstruction.  To find out if you are the Riparian Owner of a watercourse, and for details on the rights and responsibilities of Riparian ownership please visit: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/owning-a-watercourse

Footpath Improvements

All footpath improvements in the village are now completed - footpath hedges cut back, new pavings at foopath entrances and NYCC sign improvements.  There are also new signpost markers for the walk to Birkin, which will be installed shortly (information on the walk to Birkin is on the Hillam notice board).   

Broadband Improvement Project 17/3/21

Hillam Parish Council are looking into the possibility of a scheme which will improve broadband access for residents.  If this is something you are interested in, or would like to see happen, please complete the consultation form and share it with neighbours and your own local social media contacts.

For more information and to Complete the Survey click here


Thank you to everyone who has already completed the form!

Yorkshire Water Letter to Residents 9/3/2021

This letter has been emailed to the Parish Council and the PC have been told it was put in the post first class today (9th March).  The PC have been trying to get a formal update from the Yorkshire Water distributed since the issues began, and we apologise that all we have been able to give so far are brief updates and speculation.  It seems Yorkshire Water still have no idea what the problem is but are taking steps to ensure the manual pumping and tankers do not need to continue for much longer.

Yorkshire Water Letter

Yorkshire Water Update  5/3/2021

Currently Yorkshire Water continue to tanker the water in our sewer network in Hillam and this remains vital in ensuring that our network does not become overloaded again and cause further flooding. Although we have found an issue with a private borehole, this is not a sufficient issue to cause our network being overloaded in itself. We have completed tests to confirm the excess water is ground water. Currently the water table remains much higher than normal under Hillam village. Whilst Hillam has always been an area where ground water escapes the water table, we are still trying to establish the cause of the recent change which has resulted in significant ground water to enter our sewer network.


We are working with the Environment Agency (EA) and we are now considering an emergency capital investment scheme to find a permanent solution to this situation. Currently the resolution and plans to resolve this permanently have not been reached and we will continue to work with the EA to find an appropriate resolution to develop the infrastructure to increase the capacity of the sewer network in Hillam village.


Tankering will be necessary until the level of the water table drops further. We are monitoring the water table regularly. It is expected as we progress into spring and summer our activity will reduce and disruption to Hillam will reduce. We have written to our customers to apologise and explain for our extra activity.

Hillam Lane Update Friday 12/2/2021

This week has seen two serious issues on Hillam Lane.  One on Monday evening where residents at the Travellers Site had serous altercations with people from outside the area.  Police and paramedics had to attend the site.  The police statement about that was put out on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday night 2 ponies were attacked so badly they required putting down.  Both incidents are under investigation by the Police.

Selby District Council is aware and are working with the Police on both these matters.  One caravan has left the Travellers site this week.  If others wish to leave they have to apply to The Courts again to vary their injunction; this stops their homes coming and going and new people moving onto the site. The injunction also stops them improving the site.  The Court case is set for 2/3rd June and unlikely to be earlier with Court delays.

In addition, we have reported to SDC Enforcement this week more human fouling taking place in various areas in that end of the village.

Parish Councillors are to meet the Head of Planning at Selby next week to discuss these issues.  We, like other residents, are very worried by this sequence of events and we must urge the authorities: Police and Selby District Council to maintain order.


All this, in addition to the still unresolved water infrastructure problems Hillam residents are experiencing, makes for a very difficult period for us.

We are to be vigilant, not get involved and call 101 or 999.  Other issues can be reported to Juvina at hillampcclerk@gmail.com

Public Session to discuss the Preferred Options document with Selby District Council

Public can attend sessions to discuss the draft document and ask questions regarding the New Local Plan and find out more about the Preferred options document:

  • 11 February 2021 (Starts at 6:30pm)

  • 16 February 2021 (Starts at 6:30pm)

Join these live events via Teams using the link on this page on the Selby District Council site

Information from Inspector Martin Wedgewood re Hillam Lane incidents 10/2/2021

"Over the past 48hrs there have been two incidents reported to Selby Police that relate to the unauthorised site in Hillam used by a number of travellers.

Both incidents have presented a level of risk that has required an immediate police response.

The police response to both incidents has been swift and decisive.


To date one person has been arrested.

There are a number of people who we still need to speak to about the incidents.


Selby Police provided a significant presence at the location on 9 February.

There is still a presence in the wider area and this will remain so for as long as there is a hightened concern.


We have documented what we call a ‘Trigger Plan’ that sets out how any future calls for service are prioritised and managed.


With regards to the longer term actions, the use of the land is in breach of the authorised use of the land.

This is a Selby District Council concern and I know that they are progressing their actions.


I cannot, of course, categorically say that future incidents will not occur but I can assure you that we are doing all we can to minimise the risks of future incidents and the severity of those incidents.


My advice to Hillam residents is to stay vigilant, do not get involved if there is an incident and report anything that is cause for concern to North Yorkshire Police."


Kind Regards

Martin Wedgwood

NYCC 3rd Feb Coronavirus Update

Flooding in Hillam Update 9/2/21

Following a second conversation with Yorkshire Water, the 'failure' of the pumps is only due to the fact they are not designed to deal with so much water - not that they do not work.  A safety feature of the pumps is that they cut out when the system is overloaded.  It is thought that water is seeping in to the pipes (from the high water table, not from usual drainage) and that this along with high rainfall/snowfall has caused the problem. Unfortunately, before investigations can take place, the water levels need to drop.  A camera will then be put down the pipes to look for the problem and the roads and pavements along Chapel Street will be washed down.  Until then, water will need to be tankered away from the pumping station on Hillam Hall Lane, this is the only way Yorkshire Water can avoid it flooding.


At the February meeting, Hillam PC agreed to write a letter expressing its serious concerns over the flooding and the effects on the village and residents, including the health hazard of raw sewage flooding gardens and the road.  The letter will be calling for a multi agency approach and investment for a programme of works to update the drainage system in the area.  It will be sent to North Yorkshire County Council (as the lead local flood authority), Nigel Adams MP, County Councillor Chris Pearson, Yorkshire Water and the Internal Drainage board.  It was also agreed that the flooding incidents will be brought to the attention of the Planning department so the issue is taken into consideration for any planning application looking to add dwellings in the village.

Flooding in Hillam Update 27/1/21

Whilst there is no information currently about timescales and infrastructure upgrades, it was confirmed by Yorkshire Water that due to failing pumps at the pumping station on Hillam Hall Lane and the effects of the high rainfall and melting snow, the pumping station was not going to be able to cope with the quantity of water.  Tankers will continue to take water away until the station is deemed able to cope with the water quantities again.  An inspection is due to take place imminently.  Whilst the constant traffic is inconvenient, please consider the homes that were spared serious flooding  because of this action.


As various areas in Hillam were once again affected by flooding, and these areas are the responsibility of various agencies, the Parish Council have written to Nigel Adams MP with details about the problems faced in the hope that the MP's office can co-ordinate a multiagency approach to improve the situation.  The issue is on the February agenda for discussion and action.  Updates and responses will be posted on the website.

Flooding in Hillam Update 25/1/21

Manual pumping to remove water from Hillam Hall Lane has continued throughout the weekend, thank you all for your patience on this.  The PC is hoping to have an update from Yorkshire Water today with regards to the situation but there has been flooding throughout Yorkshire and the lines are very busy.

Yorkshire Water advice for dealing with flooding: www.yorkshirewater.com/help-and-advice/flooding/


Flooding in Hillam Update 22/1/21

Several areas in Hillam have been affected by flooding this week (18/01/21).  These incidents fall under various different agencies' responsibilities but the PC believes it will take a multi agency approach to implement a scheme that can avoid recurrence of this situation.  NYCC are dealing with the flooding into gardens at Ashfield Villas, Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water are looking at Chapel Street flooding and Yorkshire Water have been pumping water from Hillam Hall Lane for several days to protect homes from flooding.

Councillor Robertson was able to speak to the Yorkshire Water rep on site at Hillam Hall Lane yesterday and the problem partly relates to the water pumping plant which has not got big enough pumps to get rid of the water from MF and Hillam. Some of the water from the Water pump plant on Hillam Hall Lane is also going into the stream but as it was so high yesterday it was backing up.


Yorkshire Water are still taking water away from the Hillam Hall Lane site.  We will update the page with information when it becomes available.

Yorkshire Water advice for dealing with flooding: www.yorkshirewater.com/help-and-advice/flooding/

Selby District Council releases 'Preferred Options Local Plan' for public consultation 22/1/21

The Preferred Options document shows where SDC's preferred locations for development are within the District.  Hillam has had a site pinpointed as a potential site for housing (same field that Red Row and Stonebridge tried to develop).  To see detailed information on the 'Preferred Options Local Plan' visit: https://www.selby.gov.uk/localplan

Received from Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire Police Fire and Crime Commissioner

Precept consultation 2021 / 2022

I am asking North Yorkshire residents how much they are willing to pay in their council tax bill for North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.  The survey began on 16 December and is open until midnight on Wednesday 13 January 2021.  The survey can be completed online at www.telljulia.info

If you use social media, please look out for  #TellJulia  and  www.telljulia.info and please re-tweet and share.

More information on the NYPFCC proposals

Ring Tree Update 24/11/2020

The lights are now back in position following the pruning of the tree and work to straighten the trunk.  Hopefully we will be able to still see some Christmas Cheer around the Square this Christmas!