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Hillam Now

This page will have information on current issues facing Hillam Village and the surrounding community.  It will also share relevant information from larger authorities such as Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council.

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Hillam Ring Tree Update and Plans 28/9/2022

With ever growing concerns about the growth of the Ring Tree, Hillam Parish Council have discussed the future of the Village Feature.  You find out the future plans here.

Adverts for Hillam Horse Fair

Thank you to those bringing this to the attention of the Parish Council.  It is a matter being dealt with by the Selby District Council Planning Enforcement team; they are aware of the details and are investigating.

New Parish Councillor

Hillam Parish Council welcome Charles Vickers back to the role.  Councillor Vickers is very keen on improving the way the village is maintained and making it a nice environment to live in.  If you feel you could help with this task please do get in touch with the clerk as we are hoping to set up a team to resolve basic maintenance issues.

Parish Councillor Elections 5th May 2022 4/5/22

To bring the election in line with the elections for the new North Yorkshire Council, Parish Councillor elections have been brought forward one year.  The number of Nominees for the Parish of Hillam was 6, this means all the nominated people will automatically be elected as Councillors - known as an 'uncontested parish'.  Had 8 people been nominated for the 7 Councillor positions available in the Parish, an election would have been called.  The elected Councillors will take office from 9th May.

North Yorkshire Council Elections 5th May 4/5/22

Electors in the village of Hillam will have had polling cards through for the upcoming election.  Vote for the councillors you wish to take office in the newly formed 'North Yorkshire Council'.  These councillors will shadow any current Councillors as the transition takes place to unify the existing Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council into the new 'North Yorkshire Council'

Betteras Hill Footbridge 16/2/22

Thank you to all the residents contacting the PC about the fact this bridge has no handrails.  The issue was reported to NYCC PROW for maintenance at the time of the damage.  NYCC visited the bridge in December and assessed the bridge as being safe to use and rather than repair the handrails, NYCC is applying for funding to completely replace the bridge (and the bridge further along towards Monk Fryston).  This process will not be quick and in the mean time, please continue as you have been doing to take extra care when crossing.


Ditches, drains and culverts 16/2/22

Please be aware that if a watercourse such as a ditch runs along your property boundary you are responsible for the maintenance.  Riparian owners must ensure the water can flow freely without obstruction.  To find out if you are the Riparian Owner of a watercourse, and for details on the rights and responsibilities of Riparian ownership please visit:

Footpath Improvements

A number of footpath reports have been made to NYCC and we are awaiting updates. Regular updates are available via our facebook page -

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